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There are quite a few chemistry's being tseted for use in electric vehicles. Additionally ultra capacitors and flywheels are also under development for energy storage. There are also battery less electric vehicles that will get their electricity from the roadway. Chemistry's that have been used include:Lead Acid batterynewer Lead carbon batteriesgraphite foam-based batteryEdison's alkaline battery for electric vehicles also known as the Nickel/Iron batteryNickle metal hydride batteries have been very successful but Chevron owns the rights and refuses to allow them in purely electric vehicles (but they have been used in all the hybrids.)And then there is the current family of Lithium based batteries:LiFEPO batterieslithium polymer batteryLithium-Sulfur (Li-S) BatteryLithium-Air BatterySolid State Lithium BatteryAnd even more advanced are some of the potential breakthrough technologies that received ARPA grants including:Zinc Flow Air Battery:Magnesium-Ion Battery(See also the : Metal-Air Ionic Liquid battery)We might not want atomic powered cars, but what about atomic batteries you would never have to charge? Current high performance batteries cost up to $1000 per kw. Mass marketing may reduce this to $300 per kw. Ideally the price should be around $20 per kw and the batteries should last about 15 years. Thirty Three point four KWH of electricity is approximately equal to a gallon of gasoline. On this an average electric car will go about 113 miles. An very efficient electric car may almost double this range. For increased range the trick will be to put enough energy storage into the vehicle or use electrified roadways: Another way to reduce the cost is to increase the energy density so that you can put more batteries into a vehicle and either save space or save weight depending upon which measure you are using.