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1. | Nov 28, 2014
Don't totally give up some rtveesrneatipes do a good job. You can make a difference with spreading the word when a rep. does a good job and also when they don't. Get people to call in and e-mail in. Just don't do the form junk it really doesn't get the same amount of notice. Also the best way to really make a difference is to give time and money during primaries and before the general election. Getting the right person in office is most of the battle. You've got someone really great in the House
2. | Nov 25, 2014
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3. | May 24, 2014
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4. | Apr 25, 2014
CindyIMHOThe way I see it, this election isn't so much about the President, as it shuold be about replacing ALL INCUMBENTS in the Senate and the House. These are the people who are really destroying our country. They are incapable of passing any laws (that are good for the country), and entirely too many are getting rich at the expense of the American Public. More than a few of these people, especially those who have been in office for more than a few years (regardless of which party they affiliate with), can be assumed to be taking money, gifts and other favors from the lobbyists. Jack Abrams went to prison, but it takes two to tango, and in the case of lobbyists and the governing bodies, there is an awful lot of tangoing going on, and it is Not to the benefit of the American Public.Big business and large corporations are now running Our Country. Their sole purpose to make as much profit in as short a period of time as possible, regardless of the consequences or long term viability. Can you imagine if the BILLIONS that they are pouring into this election were used to actually CREATE JOBS?? What if the BILLIONS were paid to reduce our debt, or in taxes to fund our schools, roads, hospitals? Imagine that.The Elite, Big Business and the Republicans are adamant that they retain their insane tax breaks. They claim to be the “job creators”. However, in the time they have received the greatest tax benefits in history, they have created the fewest jobs in history. They have taken that money and moved it and the jobs overseas, to third world countries where they don't have to pay a living wage (or taxes), and can therefore make even bigger profits. What jobs have remained here, they have systematically sought to demote by paying less, eliminating benefits and breaking any sort of union or negotiating power the employees may have in place. Further, they now seek to tell those of us who have lost our jobs and subsequently our homes, that somehow we are to blame for the state of the economy. That we, the ones who have been laid off; that it is our fault that we can't find the jobs that aren't being created by the Rich and Powerful who have enjoyed the tremendous tax breaks for so long. That unemployment benefits, which is a fraction of our lost wages, is somehow a handout that prevents us from seeking the gainful employment we lost because of downsizing (corporate greed). What jobs are being offered are far below the prevailing wage for the same job ten years ago. Yet, somehow, it is my fault that the economy isn't recovering – or, it's President Obama's fault. Really?The economy isn't recovering, because the 1% who have enjoyed the biggest tax breaks in the history of our Country, and many of whom reaped the benefits of the bail outs that the taxpayers' paid for, haven't created any jobs! Without jobs, decent paying jobs, there is little chance of a recovery of any substance any time in the near future. If the “job creators” who have created no jobs, continue to receive their tax breaks, there is little chance of this Country ever getting out of the red.Those who are entrenched in power; they are the ones who need to be replaced. I believe they are the moving force behind the plethora of laws that come out of government every day. They seek to control and regulate us more and more, through the guise of “our protection”; yet they can't solve the budget issues, stop the war machine, or control and regulate those who so obviously need controlling and regulating (Wallstreet, Banks, Insurance Companies). Greed is a powerful master, and those who have reaped the most in government, are those in the House and Senate who have made a career of catering to the lobbyists instead of their constituencies. They are not there for Public Service, they are there to get as rich as the Elite masters they serve. Time to clean house. Time to put people in the working part of government who actually care about the future of our Country – those who are committed to educating our future leaders; those who are committed to ending the wars we have become involved in without sufficient justification; those who are committed to the long term health and well-being of our Country and our planet – for the benefit of our future. Those who would seek Public Service not as a way to become wealthy, but as a way to give back to our Country, and maintain the principles of We the People, not we the corporations/wealthy/elite.
5. | Jun 15, 2013
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6. | Jun 12, 2013
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7. | Jun 12, 2013
Dave, my sense (from the numerous arcitles I linked to above, as well as various online forums and occasional chats with fellow fans at comic shops and conventions) is that most DC Comics readers are wary of the DCnU. Those who came of age in the past 20 years are the most upset, because the continuity they're most familiar with is being replaced. For example, Barry Allen is back as the only Flash, with Jay Garrick, Wally West, and Bart Allen demoted or initially absent.Older fans, who remember the revamp around Crisis on Infinite Earths and stylistic changes in the mid-1980s and later, are more philosophical. We'll always have our back issues, trade paperbacks, and graphic novels to reread, and some of the changes may be for the better. More important, DC Comics' moves to put out issues on time at $2.99, simultaneously release digital issues, and synch up its superhero versions across media are all needed to preserve the industry and hobby.In addition, even if the current editorial leadership is experimenting, the cyclical nature of the medium and reader dollars will guarantee that the best changes will stick, but many won't. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman have been recognizable worldwide for more than half a century, despite changing fashions, real-world events, and the tangled rubber bands of continuity. I hope they continue to thrive, and I've shared my interests with my nephews and nieces >The scary part is that kids entering high school never lived in a world where Clark and Lois weren't married. -Stuart C.G.>>True, but only in the comic books. I think that most people are familiar with versions of Superman in which Lois Clark weren't yet married, from various cartoons to live-action TV shows, at least one per decade. -Gene