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4. | Jan 22, 2018
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6. | Aug 3, 2014
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7. | Dec 20, 2013
By that time, Adam, MM didn't want to get A-Rodge hurt and was running up the white flag. It was prttey obvious.The Packers have been good against the run for most the season, entering the game with the 11th ranked run defense. The fact that San Fran and the Giants are the two teams that gouged the Packers COULD be a bad sign. Personally, I thought the Packers did very little game-planning for the 49ers either, with the Bears just four days later.A lot of hysteria here, as expected, its asinine to say the Packers couldn't win more than one playoff game. Did the Giants getting trounced by Cincy two weeks ago show they can't win two playoff games?I agree about Starks though. I have no clue why Green suddenly got the majority of the carries, especially that 3rd and 1 play that I believe Starks clearly would have picked up. Packers play Adrian Peterson next week. So, until then, I'm going to hold off pronouncements of doom regarding the run defense, which really was the key to the ineptness on defense last night. That means the only thing I'm really concerned about right now is the offensive line. This line is SUPPOSED to have two first round draft picks at tackle and Lang at guard. Due to injury, it has NONE of that. With THIS offensive line, the Giants, San Fran and the Bears are all tough match ups for this team.
8. | Dec 18, 2013
Tom Tancredo, I am now a fan! While I don’t always agree with your poositins, I am so happy you have reached across the aisle on this issue. As a former Republican (now independent) who raised a lot of money for a gubernatorial candidate in another state (Riley James is my pen name) I firsthand observed the corrosive effect that lobbying groups on behalf of CCA and Wackenhut Corp. (private prison companies) had on the drug war. And what can be more important than not jailing our citizens for smoking a weed that 1) has been used for centuries as a cheap medicine; and 2) at most causes the users to fall asleep or raid the refrigerator? Get a grip folks, it’s all about reaching into the taxpayers pocket to build more jails and pensions for federal law enforcement. Kudos to Tom!
9. | Dec 9, 2013
plenty of asinine tnihgs but there is a big difference between he and King. Tancredo isn't a racist. Tancredo's positions are ass backwards and counter-productive, but no one that knows him would ever say he was a race baiting jackass in the vein of Steve King.
10. | Dec 6, 2013
was less that artful. All he meant was that we shuold try to attract the best qualified and hardest working immigrants who follow the rules to come here!King spokesman Jimmy Centers said the clip takes King's words out of context. The congressman was simply stating the reason why our country is so great is because it's made up of hardworking individuals who emigrated here. King was not comparing immigrants to dogs in the pejorative. This is something one would say about people of any color in rural America, a place Democrats fear to tread.
11. | Dec 5, 2013
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12. | Jul 17, 2013
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