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User Comments:
1. | Apr 22, 2014
Hi FredWith or without PSE&G spnnsoriog the luncheon those lines will be built. They will be built with or without approvals from the BPU as well. PSE&G has skipped the local municipal process because, rightly so, it is useless. How many elected officials would take an objective look at the real issues knowing many voters are upset. The idea of conducting informational meetings in all towns affected is fine. It is also always good form to listen to concerns and address issues presented. Again, to think that any town would publicly endorse this project is pure nonsense. Now while the BPU is being represented as the approval entity the reality is they to could very easily by bypassed and over ruled by the federal agencies. So this brings me to the nagging question in Montville Township as I sit as a township Committee member. Why don’t towns focus on the safety concerns and clear cutting issues? Even PSE&G has stated they are willing to take EMF measurements to bench line EMF on the existing 230KV line. Of course my 2 cent opinion is our BPU should mandate these measurements for all towns and force PSE&G to document the test equipment and methods used as well as taking those measurements in the summer months when usage is at its highest. The reality is that the possibility does exist the EMF levels could be lower with the new transmission line because some of the EMF would cancel out since two transmission lines will be operating on the same towers.Art Daughtry
2. | Jan 19, 2014
My experience has been when gelnealry deconditioned people start running, there is usually a weak link that causes a problem. For the person with calf pain, I would suggest that the rest of the leg and hips are weak, so to develop the quads, hamstrings, etc with general leg strengthening moves. Squats, etc not too heavy, but build some muscle to balance your legs as a muscle GROUP. The calves are working too hard. thoughts?
3. | Jan 18, 2014
Jesse- This is PERFECT timing with the waheter being so nice and Capitol 10,000 being just a couple of months away! I've been itching to get back into a running routine but hesitant to plunge into old movement patterns that I now know cause and exacerbate injury. But I've been having a hard time with the advice to take things slowly- instead I do nothing, waiting for a time when I'm ready. There's something about a schedule that makes things seem more do-able. Thanks for helping me give myself permission to move forward!
4. | Apr 28, 2013
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