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User Comments:
1. | Jun 26, 2014
Hey Ivivva! Please Come to Fredericton, New Brunswick! I love your clothes and so does evoeyrne at my studio, but the problem is the closest Ivivva is 4 hours away! So pleeeeaaassse come to Fredericton!!
2. | May 6, 2014
Plz make a size 16! I am very tall for my age, and I love ivivva! I can only where the pants and shotrs, but none of the tops! All my friends LOVE ivivva and where it all the time to dance class. And I can only where the pants and shotrs, which is horrible! I love the ivivva tops! I know I can just shop at lululemon but its more expensive then ivivva and for something I am going to grow out of I don't want to pay that- plz make a size 16 for all of the taller kids who love ivivva! They have a ivivva by me, and I really want to go there but I can't buy any tops-
3. | Dec 20, 2013
Hola cdf1igo, antes que nada decirte que tieens una web magnedfica. Ya he probado un par de tus recetas (el gazpacho verde y rojo y el sashimi de lubina con vainilla) y me salieron de muerte.Quereda preguntarte por df3nde consigues la lima keffir. bfTambie9n en General Margallo?. En toda receta The4i que se precie te lo exigen. Vivo en Madrid pero nunca me he acercado hasta alled. Sed me he acercado a Lavapie9s, siguie9ndo tus consejos, donde me surted bien de semillas de mostaza, cardamomo, semillas de cilantro, tahina, etc. tras un largo paseo a tontas y locas. Por cierto, bfhas conseguido fenogreco en Madrid?Un saludo
4. | Dec 19, 2013
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